Friday, January 20, 2012

Big changes are coming

In the next few weeks. I'm gonna be facing very big changes. Something that I didn't plan for, I didn't expect. It's the biggest decision I have ever made, may god bless me. I get pass this obstacle and I will see the light at the end of the tunnel. It's crazy, but I'm staying hopeful.

Happy Chinese New Year people.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Long week

It has been a long week. I was in Singapore for a day. I went to church, which really helped to lift up my spirits. I feel a lot better, I'm willing to take responsibility of what I have done, and the consequences I will receive.

Sometimes, we take risks, if it is worth taking, for we will never know if we don't take the first step.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Week 2

Second week of January, trying to feel better. Days are like a rollercoaster ride, don't know when will I get out of it.

I remember a friend told me once,

"Sometimes we just got to do what we got to do, follow your heart"
If it is difficult, it's probably worth it, because good things never come easily. We have to sacrifice, work, put effort, give it all we can.

I'll survive this.

Monday, January 09, 2012



Thursday, January 05, 2012

So far in the week

I'm feeling a lot better, a lot more optimistic. Probably due to David Choi because his voice is just so soothing. There's this song call This is a way, just makes me want to do all the things for her without any consideration.

Life has been alright. I still have sleepless nights every day. Been trying to eat less and exercise more. I'm down with some back problems. Been to the physio, gotta correct my sitting position. Probably because of my ankle and my knee injuries.

I was feeling like crap for the past few weeks, I still do sometimes. I got wasted in my own home on Christmas day. Pretty fucked up as my parents were there and they have never seen me drunk. Basically I locked myself in the bathroom for half an hour I think. The pain was unbearable I just wanted to rip my heart out. The next day as usual, the "I'll never drink again, Oh god why" feeling comes as the hangover kicks in. I vomited again which I already did the night before.

I was in a bad state, I blamed myself, well I never stopped blaming myself, It is my decision, I have to bear with the consequences. To know that you have create so much hurt to someone who gave everything for you, that's cruel. I am, cruel. Never have I see myself being such a person. Yea, life isn't a bed of roses. Sometimes we make the right decisions, sometimes we don't.

I am in the hurt locker right now. I can't escape this. It's a long road to forgiveness, but I've made my decision to walk this road, bound with shackles, looking towards the light, if it ever exist.

I'm thankful for my friends, especially Mon Ping and Ai Khim. They were there to pull me through this. They made me realize that I need to be a better person if I were to embark on this journey. They gave me the harsh truth, and most of all, they still support me, even all the things that I have done, even when I didn't deserve it. I also am thankful for guys like Darren and Vinesh. One is the critic and the other is the lover. One always pulls the rational side of me back while the other shows me that love has so much more to offer. They encourage me and motivate me when I needed it. I'm grateful to all of you.

After all, I deserve to be judged. What have I become? This turning point in my life have make me realize a lot about myself. Sometimes, I make decision rashly, I don't consult my friends or even my family, I assume and most of all, I didn't understand the meaning of love. It's hard to swallow, but I have to.

Love is where you are willing to do anything for each other, love is even when you are far apart, you still try to make an impact in each others life, love is where the little things mean more than expensive gifts, love is when you enjoy being with each other, even though you are just sitting on the couch, watching a movie. I admit, I do not understand much about love, like life, it's a journey, not a destination. However, I do know, I'm willing to let everything go, just for another chance to make it right, and I want to make this journey, with her.

Action speaks louder than words, if you feel that you deserve it, just go for it, don't look back. I won't look back, because I know, she's my future.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

First post of the year!

Woke up to 2012 feeling the same. Worst of all, I felt like an idiot. I don't know what's happening on her side, and I assume so many things, making myself look like a fool. I'm a fool for her. Well, I have always been a fool for her.

The feeling of trying to talk to somebody but they aren't replying your text, answering your calls is unbearable. Maybe silence is golden. Makes you think and reflect on the situation itself. It's better being ignored then being cursed at. Is it?

All I know is I'm willing to do what it takes, but of course I will think for myself as well. Nobody wants a guy that has nothing. I need to concentrate on my career as well. I'll also work my way back to her.

So here comes 2012, a rollercoaster ride. Come what may, I'll work my way through it.

Thanks to David Choi for accompanying me throughout the night. I mean, his youtube video. :)

Saturday, December 31, 2011


I got a stubborn heart for you.

Looks like it's gonna be that way for 2012.

Happy new year guys.